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Premium Waxes

Carnauba Paste Wax
    • Proprietay Hydrophobic Polymer Technology
    • Ultimate Shine and Paint Protection
    • Thin Film Technology
    • Suitable for any Paint Color
    • Enhances Color, Depth, and Reflections
  • This is the Ultimae Paste Wax. It lasts longer than many synthetic waxes. It is formulated to offer the longest-lasting protection and water-beading. It's proprietyar Hydrophobic Polymer Technology reduces surface tension so water beads and rolls off! It is suitable for any paint color. It enhances color, depth, and reflections. It brings out the best in any paint finish.
$89.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.
Insulator Extreme Wax
    • Heavy Duty with Long-Term Durability
    • Nearly Indestructible Clear Coating
    • Shine and Wetness of Carnauba
    • Longevity like a Paint Sealant
    • Incredible Water Beading and Protection
  • This liquid car wax was originally created to insulate electrical components, but it has become one of the foremost liquid car waxes on the market. One of the finest carnauba waxes you can buy. It is in a class of its own when it comes to long-term durability and paint enhancement. This wax is used on automobiles, trucks, buses, and aircraft. It is excellent for fleets. It leaves a high gloss, nearly indestrutible clear coating that repels water, pollution, sun, salt spray, bugs, and more. It provides tough protection against adverse weather conditions. It makes for a great Winter Wax and in Summer, it stands up to heat and UV rays better than most carnauba waxes. It can even be used on boats to guard the hull against salt water oxidation.
$99.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.

Specialty Premium Waxes

Black Ice Sealant Wax
    • Formulated for Black and Dark Colored Vehicles
    • Signature Wet Diamond Polymers
    • Hybrid of Montan Wax and Brazilian Carnauba
    • Deep Gloss that Mimics Wet Paint Look
    • Mile Deep Reflections and Extreme Clarity
  • This Sealant Wax is a synthesis of German-source, color-charged Montan Wax and genuine Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Designed to bestow a diemnsion of gloss on black and dark colors that mimics the appearance of wet paint. Signature Wet Diamond Polymers provide exceptional resistance to UV rays and environmental contaminantion. Hybrid formula combines the benefits of synthetic and natural ingredients to provide the utmost in paint protection, gloss, and clarity. Montan Wax is a rare and costly wax sourced from Germany. When processed and refined, is known for its darkening characteristics on black and other dark colors. A color-charging process was added to further enhance and create mile-deep reflections. SignatureWet Diamond Polymers were fused with genuine carnauba, thus reinforcing the already impressive protection.
$119.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.
Yellow Armor Wax
    • For Red, Yellow, Orange, and Warm Colors
    • Blend of Carnauba, Beeswax, and Banana Oil
    • Brings out the Subtle Hues and Highlights
    • Gard, Glassy Finish with Great Protection
    • Repels UV rays, Rain, Dirt, and Contaminants
  • Yellow Armor Wax breathes new life into warm colored vehicles with a blend of carnauba wax, yellow beeswax, and banana oil. Yellow Armor Wax dries to a mirror-like, hard shine that repels the elements and looks great doing it. Made with a high percentage of carnauba to give it that hard, glassy finish. Expect fantastic water beading and great durability. Yellow Armor Wax glows on reds, yellows, oranges, and warm metallics, to bring out the sublte hues and highlights. Beautiful and functional, offer excellent protection to automotive paint. It repels UV rays, rain, dirt, and other contaminants.
$119.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.

Synthetic Wax/Paint Sealant

Polymer Fusion Wax
    • For High-End and Luxury Cars
    • German Super Polymers with Carnauba
    • Intnse Wet Look and Improved Slickness
    • Repels Water, Dirt, Oil, and Resists Smudges
    • Looks Breathtaking on Any Color
  • Hand-crafted blend of German Super Polymers, world's finest white carnauba wax, and proprietary ingredients to form the ultimate high gloss, high bonding car wax. Draws upon nature's finest wax to take advantage of its breathtaking shine and visual liquidity. Combined with cutting edge polymers, white carnauba wax takes on a gloss, depth, and dimension unmatcher by other synthetic waxes. Carnauba wax naturally repels water, airborne pollutants, and ultraviolet radiation. Theseprotective properties are maximized by ground-breaking German Super Polymers. Ultimately, this wax gives your vehicle synthetics protection and dramatic visual impact. It has been enhanced with more glossifiers for a more intense wet look and improved slickness. This wax looks breathtaking on any color. Reds and blacks shimmer with depth. Whites, pearls, and slivers drip with shine. Colors appear deeper and more saturated. The vehicle will appear dipped in gloss with light bouncing off every curve.
$149.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.
Paint Sealant
    • Paint Protectant that Binds to Paint
    • Fortified Polymer Technology
    • Enhanced Super Polymers
    • Amazing Anti-Static Properties
    • Water-Based, Oxygen Activated Paint Sealant
  • Our paint sealant redefined the paint sealants in words any car lover can appreciate: dripping wet gloss, slickness, and incredible reflections. Paint sealant bonds to the paint and forms an extensive cross-linked polymer network for long-lasting protection. Produces a show-stealing shine that withstands the elements, ultraviolet rays, infrared readiation, salt water, and environmental pollutantns. It armors your paint for months. It stands up to extreme temperatures, road salt, salty ocean air, ozone, and moisture. Apply it just before witner and your vehicle will be protected until spring. Synthetic technology has an amazing anti-static properties to repel water, oil, dust, and road grime to provide unsurpassed paint protection. Network of slick super polymers increases increases the paint's jetting factor, thus decreasing surface tension. Foreign molecules literally slideoff the clear polymer coating. The look of Paint Sealant is similar to the shine of a carnauba wax but with a slicker, wetter surface gloss. The paint looks like a clear glossy coating was just poured over it. The paint ripples with reflections and ligh bounces off every angle and curve.The crystal-like structure of Super Polymers yields an incredible, viivd shine. The crystals refract light much like high-quality diamonds. Any color is enhanced by this Paint Sealant.
$149.99 and up
Price is for most cars. Trucks, vans, SUVs, and other larger vehicles cost extra.


Prices listed above are for most cars. Larger and specially modified vehicles cost extra. Please ask our friendly salesperson for details.

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